Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Gaga's Back

So…Gaga’s back. Back in a BIG way. Today is meant to be one of the biggest days in the pop calendar this year. Today is the day the world gets to hear Lady Gaga’s brand new song ‘Born This Way’. Taken from her new album of the same name, ‘Born This Way’ sees Gaga take a much-needed break from the mechanical, almost robotic feel of her ‘Fame Monster’ hits. Never one to shy away from her love for Madonna, Gaga has clearly been influenced by the original Queen of Pop in this record and as a result we end up with a super catchy song that is sure to have us all hooked in no time at all.

‘Born This Way’ also sees a radical change in Gaga’s look. Famed for her crazy, eccentric style (think Raw meat dress…) this new single sees a more glamourous, ladylike look for Gaga. The single artwork, shot in black and white by legendary photographer Nick Knight, sees a naked Gaga peering over her shoulder, accessorized with nothing but perfectly styled, high volume hair and severe cats eye liner. Striking? Hell yes! According to sources on the set, Gaga wanted to move away from ‘freaky’ and focus on high-octane glamour. Don’t be fooled though – there is still an element of the freaky Gaga with subtle bones appearing to protrude from her forehead, cheeks and shoulders. We’re not sure how this fits in with ‘high-octane glamour’, but who cares? It’s Lady Gaga! It wouldn’t make sense if everything made sense!
A great start to the weekend, I’m already looking forward to shamelessly dancing away to ‘Born This Way’ in weeks to come; there has been a Gaga shaped hole in our lives of late and I can’t think of a better way to fill the gap than with ‘Born This Way’.

What do you think? Are you embracing Gaga’s new musical direction? Or are you longing for her robotic, mechanical Fame Monster madness? Are you a fan of the all-American glamour look or are you craving the eccentricity of meat dress, police tape Gaga?

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