Tuesday, 22 February 2011


Having designed for the likes of Lady Gaga, Cheryl Cole, Rihanna and Beyonce, there was a lot resting on David Koma’s collection this year at London Fashion Week. Strongly tipped as the next big thing, the BFC tent at Somerset House was bursting at the seams bright and early this morning for his show – confirming that this show is indeed the hot ticket of the week. 

Inspired by dark forests, Tim Burton and hallucinations, Koma’s collection did not disappoint. Dots were the name of the game, with laser cut and printed dot patterns adorning Koma’s signature thick material body con dresses. Adding a new dimension Koma’s collection featured tight leather panelling and the most memorable theme of any collection seen so far this week: giant fur pom poms. Yes, pom poms. As if pom poms alone weren’t outrageous enough, Koma really drew gasps as he revealed pom poms in bright, primary colours. It was a refreshing break from the abundance of earthy, dark colours we have seen so far in the AW collections. Adding another dimension to the collection was a selection of dresses and skirts with a printed face embedded in a burst of colour. We were lucky enough to meet Koma after the show and he informed us that the face was actually that of an Italian nun – how this fits in with the themes of the collection we’re not sure but hey, it works! A final special touch for the collection came from fur adornments either gently positioned around the cuffs, or carefully placed in asymmetrical lines across the body.

This collection was a real step up from the clean-lined, sleek silhouetted black dresses we have previously seen from Koma. It was a step out of the ordinary and although leaving the audience divided, Koma has once again highlighted impeccable sculptured tailoring and we can safely say that we are truly inspired by the bravery of such a new designer!

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