Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Behind the scenes of a Fiorelli photo shoot…

It’s almost time for our amazing high summer collection to launch online and in stores, and in anticipation of its arrival we thought we would whet your appetite with some exclusive behind the scenes footage of our SS11 campaign shoot! Way back in September (doesn’t that feel like a million years ago?!) we packed up our favourite samples of the collection, and along with a team of hair stylists, makeup artists, stylists and of course our amazing photographer Theo Cohen we headed to a garden in  Earls Court, London. A little dubious about this “amazing garden” in the middle of Earls Court we arrived and with some trepidation unpacked all our props from the van and went to set up. How wrong we were about the set! There was only one word to describe it – WOW! I couldn’t believe that this amazing house and garden was really situated in the heart of London. It just didn’t make sense! With a huge swimming pool (which, thank goodness, was heated) and a gorgeous traditional hammock it was the perfect scene to show off our High Summer collection.

The inspiration for the shoot was a combination of 70’s icons, block colour, underwater  and poolside glamour. With the collection featuring some gorgeous bright hues, from turquoise to orange, it was all about creating a truly glamorous summery feeling. Having put a lot of time and effort into researching the exact look we wanted to achieve it was all hands on deck to ensure that we pulled it off. Everything had to be perfect! With hair and makeup done, and our lovely model looking stunning (we weren’t jealous at all…) it was time to start playing around with positions and poses that showed off our Fiorelli bags to their full potential.

Much to her dismay our poor model pulled off some incredible poses in and around the pool, despite the temperature plummeting! Our job was to try and keep her warm enough so that her goose-bumps didn’t show up on camera! The price we pay for fashion…

After a long day and numerous bets on who would be the first one to fall in the pool, we eventually wrapped up, both in terms of the shoot and ourselves! Rushing home to get a good night’s sleep was essential, so that all fresh faced in the morning we could start to go through all the shots and choose the strongest ones. After a big debate in Fiorelli HQ (we really struggled to come to a unanimous decision!) we chose the following six images. Enjoy your sneak peak of the new collection! We’d love to know your thoughts, which is your favourite shot?

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