Wednesday, 13 November 2013

How To Care for your Arm Candy

You spent weeks agonising over which handbag to choose, and now that it’s arrived you couldn't be happier with your shiny new purchase! You store it pride of place, take it absolutely everywhere and show it off to everyone within fifty feet.

Fast forward a couple of months and suddenly your beautiful leather handbag has become a dumping ground for tissues, receipts and general junk, - you've even taken it out in the rain! Sound familiar?

As much as we love handbags, we’re all guilty of neglecting our precious arm candy from time to time. However, fear not, with our new season handbag in transit, we’re vowing to change our ways this autumn. Read on for the Fiorelli guide to caring for your new season handbag. Your handbag honeymoon doesn’t have to end!

Protecting your handbag from dust, bacteria and stains
A dust bag is an absolute staple when it comes to keeping your handbag in pristine condition. Some handbags come with a complimentary dust bag, but if yours doesn't then it’s well worth investing in one to keep dust, bacteria, scratches and stains at bay. Leather or fabric handbags often become stained when they come into contact with metals and dark colours, so storing your handbag in a dust bag will prevent stains.

Fiorelli Top Tip: Stuff structured handbags with tissue paper to help maintain their shape and to prevent creasing.

Tillie Satchel

Protecting your handbag from the great British weather
Living in the UK, it’s difficult to avoid taking your handbag out into the occasional downpour or thunderstorm, however regularly using a protection spray will help to combat any damage. Depending on the material of your handbag, different methods can be applied.

Suede – Taken your suede grab bag out into a monsoon? Don’t panic, dab the handbag with a dry, clean cloth before allowing the rain spots to dry naturally.

Leather – Technically, a high quality leather bag should be able to stand up to weathering, however if you are worried about rain spot stains, indulge in a spot of leather handbag cleaning by wiping the handbag with a dry towel. 

Take care whilst using a leather cream as many contain harsh chemicals which could lead to discolouration, instead spray with waterproof leather spray which is available to purchase at all good cobblers.

Heat waves are lovely, but they’re not so lovely for your handbag and can lead to your handbag drying out or discolouring, keep your handbag out of direct sunlight whenever possible.

Fiorelli Top Tip: Invest in a suede and leather waterproof spray - spritz your bag before it's outing and it should withstand most of the elements. Top up this protective layer every month or so, and see just how long your bags lasts.

Do you have any trusty techniques for keeping your handbag free from harm? We’d love to hear your tips. Tweet us at @Fiorelli_Bags.

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