Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Our Buying Rules for Bagoholics!

Without your handbag, you'd feel lost, right? Well, of course you would! Where would you put your can’t-live-without-it phone, inseparable cosmetics and the baby that stores your cash and cards? Every woman needs a bag on her arm, so, why not make it a treat for the eyes too?!

So, before you evoke upon your next shopping spree and purchase that gorgeous piece of arm candy, read our rules to ensure that you'll get the most out of your purchase! 

Rule 1: Mismatched? Miss Out!

If the contents of your wardrobe do not match your bag crush, there’s absolutely no point. As much as you may love that hot pink grab bag, it’s not going to love you if you don’t give it something to work with. Don’t make your bag your enemy, opt for a handbag that will expertly co-ordinate your wardrobe staples instead. 

If you want to play it safe, choose a neutral-coloured accessory such as our Amelia Ziptop Grab Bag available in tempting tan and divine dove, or go a classic monochrome - the Harper Mini Grab Mono is a fantastic choice. Buying a bag that matches your style will not only mean that you’ll get more use out of it, but you’ll save precious time in the mornings too!

Rule 2: Embrace More Classics

Whilst your heart may be drawn to the bags that pop with colour and have eccentric, futuristic prints, it may be wise to consult your head first. Will this bag be relevant to you in a year’s time? If the answer is no, kiss goodbye to it and fall head over heels for another. Are we saying to disregard every on-trend handbag? Absolutely not! Just be sure to think about the cost per wear before purchasing. If you’re looking for a timeless accessory, opt for the Harper Triple Compartment Shoulder Bag. This beauty will never get tired.

Rule 3: Always Choose Quality Over Quantity
The idea of buying three cheap handbags is always going to be more appealing than buying one investment bag, however, if you buy cheap, you buy twice. A bag that costs next to nothing is not going to last anywhere near as long as a bag with a heftier price tag. A designer bag promises years of use, whereas with a cheap high-street bag, you’ll be lucky to see it to the end of the season.  High street fashion is made to be disposable, but a designer high-quality handbag will last significantly longer. 

A leather handbag is always a worthy investment. Our Marla Medium Grab available in both black croc and burgundy is a luxurious leather tote with an embossed croc finish, perfect to take you from day to night.

We’d love to see the bag you’ve purchased after following these trusty rules. Tweet us the new love of your life @Fiorelli_Handbags

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