Monday, 7 April 2014

#FiorelliTravels: Lisa and Sue Head to Japan for Design Inspiration

Our head designer Lisa has been off on her #FiorelliTravels seeking design inspiration once more! Can you believe that she’s already thinking about a collection for Spring/Summer '15?!

This time however, she was joined by our brand manager Sue Tebbitts, beginning their trip in Japan, and then, going on to Hong Kong and ending in China. It’s been quite the trip and as they've got so much to show you, today we’re going to reveal what they discovered in Japan, - and we’ll just have to leave you hanging until next week for the rest!

Inspiration for new designs can be derived from absolutely anywhere, so, when visiting a different country it’s good to see lots of different things from its cultural habits to its fashion scene. So, Lisa and Sue ensured that they completely emerged themselves within Japanese culture, and of course, sampling the local cuisine (including live shrimp!) or checking out traditional Japanese clothing was definitely a must!

Different traditions and beliefs are always interesting to see, such as this Japanese prayer wall which lets people write down their prayers and tie them onto the string. 

Naturally, part of Lisa's travels always includes checking out the country's shopping scene. We know, it's a tough part of the job but somebody has to do it! Japan is known for its crazy fashion trends and quirky aesthetics, and nothing quite screams Japan more than this boutique's changing room covered in teddy bears! 

Promotional launches always seem to be as flamboyant as possible too! Just look at this pop up display for a new beauty range that Lisa spotted. Would't she look great with a giant Fiorelli handbag upon her arm?! 

After a couple of days spent soaking up all of the natural beauty and quirky traits that Japan has to offer, it was time to jet off to Hong Kong...

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