Sunday, 19 January 2014

January Handbag Essentials

We're past the hump and have made it over half-way through January! With Christmas and the festive season just a distant memory, we're back into the solid work/life routine. If you've sorted your winter wardrobe and have your style sorted for whatever the weather is going to throw at you next, then it's time to give the contents of your handbag the same love. We've chosen our top handbag must-haves to ensure that you're not caught short this season.

The Bag
First up, the right bag is of course the most important element here. For this occasion, we've chosen our cut-out Paris tote bag - roomy enough to carry all of your essentials, but smart enough that it won't look out of place in the office, the Paris tote is every Fiorelli woman's dream handbag to see her through this season!

The Purse
Every gorgeous handbag needs a companion. This season we're clashing our bag with our purse, and our leopard Harper purse is the perfect stand-out style to do this with. Best of all? In such a bold print, you'll never find yourself fishing around in the depths of your bag looking for your purse again. 

The Umbrella
With the British weather more unpredictable than ever, you won't find us leaving home without our trusty umbrella. The windswept look notoriously difficult to pull off, make sure that if you're going to be caught in the rain under a brolly, you'd better do it in style! We've picked our top 3 umbrellas to make sure that even in the wettest weather, you still look fabulous! 

The Beauty Products
Alongside compromising style, the harsh winter weather can also take a toll on your skin. For dry and chapped hands, we can't get enough of Eve Lom's hand cream, with a rich and gentle formula to keep hands soft and smooth at all times. Next up is Clarins' Beauty Flash Balm - our skincare saviour that will deeply nourish while leaving skin looking matte, perfect for that no make-up look. Finally, add a slick of colour to your lips when you arrive at the office with NARS' 'Red Lizzard' lipstick for that chic flush of red. 

The Snacks
Did you know that during the colder months you use more energy trying to stay warm, hence that tired and sluggish feeling? That's why it's more important than ever to keep your energy levels up, bringing us on to our last handbag essential - snacks! We all love an excuse to indulge, and with a new flurry of foods that are as healthy as they are delicious, we can't resist. Rich in antioxidants, goji berries are known to improve circulation and boost the immune system - cover them in dark chocolate and we're sold! 

What are your January handbag essentials? Tweet to tell us or show us what's in your handbag on Instagram by tagging @FiorelliBags!

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