Thursday, 9 January 2014

How to Get Ahead in your Career

It’s a brand New Year which means that you’re probably thinking about small changes to improve your life! So, like most of us, you’ve probably already evoked upon a regime of healthy eating and maybe even joined a gym. So, now that you’ve got your health and fitness all figured out, what about your work life? Whether you’re looking for a brand new job this year, or just eager to progress within your current career, we've got a few tips in order to help you to get ahead. 

1) Get Organised

Organising both your time and workspace is a must as it’ll help you to prioritise your most important tasks and feel more in control of your workload. Why not treat yourself to a stylish new diary to note down all of your appointments, and then blitz your desk! Throw away any useless clutter and invest in some handy ring binders and dividers to organise your paper work. A clear space means a clear mind, just watch your productivity rate increase!

2) Stay Busy 

Don’t wait around to be given a new task if you suddenly find yourself with a spout of free time. Find lower priority tasks to do (even if this means tidying up!) and your hard work won’t go unnoticed. It’ll create the impression that you’re hard-working and pro-active, and you’re more likely to be presented with new challenges… and that could may well include the promotion that you've had your eye on!

3) Get Plenty of Rest

Everybody has to have their beauty sleep with the average person needing between 7-9 hours per night, and that’s never more essential than on a work night. Not having a good enough night’s sleep affects your ability to concentrate and makes you less likely to remember new information! And it even makes you more likely to suffer from illnesses like depression, so, if you’re feeling down about your work situation right now, it’s only going to make you feel worse in the long run!

4) Never Stop Learning 

If you don’t understand something ask somebody who does, it’s important to be self -sufficient in your job role and not have to rely upon others. You should always aim to be the best that you can be in your role, which means taking the initiative to seek out training courses be it on location or even by using online material. There are so many free online courses available these days that you have no excuses! And if you’re ever stuck in a job that you hate and feeling unmotivated about doing any extra learning, remember that it could be this which helps you to secure your new dream job.  

5) Power Dress

Never underestimate the power of dressing presentably, especially if you’re working directly with clients. If your appearance says that you don’t care, then people could quickly begin thinking that this is the same kind of attitude that you apply to your work ethic. Our tip? Add a statement accessory to your workwear style for a look that's sure to grab your colleagues' attention in the office. Add our cobalt Harper portfolio to our weekday wardrobe for style that will have you raring to go!

So, now that you read ours, what are your tips for career progression? Why not share them with us on Twitter

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