Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Pre-Christmas Detox

The endless days of summer are well and truly behind us. In its place have come falling terracotta leaves, onesies and family sized bars of chocolate. It’s not that we don’t enjoy socialising in winter; it’s just that the effort to do so can seem insurmountable when it’s 3pm and already dark outside!

Sometimes all we need during the colder months is a handy boost of energy (and a gorgeous faux-fur coat) to keep us going. So, we’re resolving to turn a new leaf and change our ways this A/W. Enter the pre-Christmas detox. Concentrating on high energy, low fat foods, endorphin releasing exercises and skin superfooods, we’re on a mission to combat hibernation. Who’s with us?

High Energy, Low Calorie Foods

The cold has a way of making us long for carb rich comfort foods like macaroni cheese or sausage and mash. Unfortunately these foods are apt to make us feel sluggish and tired. Our thought process isn’t to go on a super diet but rather to consume high energy, low fat foods that will keep you in high spirits from dusk ‘til dawn.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day so it’s vital to fill yours with slow-release energy foods such as oats, raisins and peanut butter. Don’t omit carbs altogether, just be smart about the carbs you do choose. If you’re going for bread, choose whole-wheat and the same with pasta.

Avoid products with refined sugar and caffeinated drinks as these tend to give you a quick spike of insulin which will wear off after a couple of hours. 

Superfoods for Skin

Greasy foods and dropping temperatures spell danger for skin- keep yours glowing in all 4 seasons by eating skin superfoods such as avocado and blueberries. Blueberries contain more antioxidants than most fruit and vegetables and avocados are packed with carotenoids which are known to improve the density, tone and overall appearance of skin.

Avocados also contain a high level of oleic acid which can help the epidermal layer of skin retain moisture and regenerate damaged skin cells.

Winter Exercise

It’s difficult to get motivated for a 10k run when it’s pelting down with rain, but don’t hang up the exercise gear altogether. Exercise releases endorphins which can lower depression rates (seasonal affective disorder anyone?) reduce stress and considerably improve mood. In terms of having a positive and energizing outlook, winter is perhaps the most suitable time to exercise of all.

If running is your preferred sport, a good trick is to warm up inside for 5-10 minutes first. That way, by time you step outside your body will already be acclimatised and the cold won’t hit you as hard. Wear multiple layers which can be removed as your body temperature increases.

And if you really can’t face the cold, Carrie Bradshaw says that shopping is her cardio. We tend to agree!

What are your tried and tested detox tips? We’d love to know where you get your energy from in winter. Leave us a comment or tweet us @Fiorelli_bags

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