Thursday, 10 July 2014

How To: Pack for a Long Haul Summer Holiday

Packing for a long haul holiday can often be tricky, - you want to take an abundance of things with you, (including ten bikinis and matching jewellery for each outfit) but what exactly do you need? Take a look at our holiday essentials that'll help you to leave the kitchen sink at home! 

Lay Everything Out on Your Bed
Whilst this may sound pretty straight forward, most of us pack straight into a suitcase - cue the “Uh-uh” buzzer sound.
The problem with packing your clobber straight into a suitcase is that you don’t actually realise exactly what you’re taking, until you unpack your belongings at your far-flung destination. By laying your things out upon your bed, you can see what you've got enough of, what you need more of, and what you need to leave behind.
Fiorelli’s Tip: Avoid packing your spending money. Why? If your luggage goes missing, so does your cash! Why not invest in our Serena Large Zip Around Purse available in caramel, a perfect hue for summer that’s certain to keep your currency safe.

A Scarf Goes a Long Way
A scarf is actually a versatile essential for a summer holiday, and obviously we don’t mean your typical chunky knit, we’re talking about a skinny scarf that you can tie around your waist and use as a makeshift sarong.

A lightweight scarf is perfect for summer styling and will barely take up any space in your bag. Forget packing numerous sarongs, cover-ups and beach hats, a scarf is your solution to all. Fold it in half and wear it as a mini skirt on the beach, and throw it over your shoulders when that scorching sun gets a bit too much for your skin. Take a scarf on your holiday this summer and you’ll wonder how you ever managed without one before.

Fiorelli’s Tip: Conventionally wear it around your neck to the airport and if you’re feeling a bit nippy on the flight, this multi-use beauty will make for a great blanket.

Carry Your On-board Essentials in Style
You’ll no doubt want to over pack for a long haul flight. Why? Nobody wants to be without a book, magazine or iPod for all those hours spent on a plane, plus of course those must-have chewy sweets and packs of chewing gum – there’s nothing worse than your ears endlessly popping! Basically, you need a Mary Poppins bag, perhaps not in looks, but in depth - our Drew Hobo is your answer!

The slouchy shape of this beauty gives this piece of arm candy a chic but casual appearance, making it the ultimate choice for carrying all your necessities. Available in three classic colours; black, tan and grey, this bag will effortlessly go with any ensemble.

Fiorelli’s Tip: Use all the pockets in the bag, that’s what they’re there for! Nothing will go missing in the trusty zip pockets.

Don’t Forget the Essentials
Make a checklist – and stick to it! The last thing you want to do is turn up at the airport without your passport, forget your summer beauty essentials, or arrive at the beach without your sunglasses.

Fiorelli’s Tip: Protect your eyes from UVA and UVB rays with the Fiorelli Bali Sunglasses, available in classic black, red or stylish tortoise shell.  

Will you follow these tips? Do you have any more for us? Tweet us at @Fiorelli_bags and share your tips and photos of you preparing for your long haul summer holiday. 

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