Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Best Celebrities to Follow on Instagram

If we happen to step out of the house without our phone, we feel lost. Why? With WhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter constantly keeping us busy, a train journey or a coffee queue can seem boring without our must-have phones in tow.
But what about Instagram? That’s a whole different kettle of fish. This photo-sharing app is one that most of us can’t get past breakfast without having a cheeky look at. Those fantastic filters help those bad skin days and generally just make everything look ten times sexier. Better again: you get to stalk your favourite style icon, girl crush or dream hubby without feeling guilty. 
Here at Fiorelli, we can’t get enough of Mollie King, Lauren Conrad, Millie Mackintosh, Cara Delevingne and Holly Willoughby.  Read on and you’ll understand why.
Mollie King - @molliethesats
This blonde beauty is completely down to earth, that’s why we love her!  (And of course, she’s a regular shopper here at Fiorelli). When she’s not singing, she’s out and about with her precious pooch Alfie. That’s right, even when Mollie is off to attend meetings for the day; her sidekick is right beside her – literally! Alfie gets front seat, he really is a King. Mollie also takes great pride in her nails so if you’re one to splurge out on nail varnish, you’ll want to follow this hottie for inspiration. Lust after her luscious nails and discover what shade she’s wearing so you can go ahead and copy!

Lauren Conrad - @laurenconrad
If you’re ever looking for hair inspiration, LC is the gal to follow. Her gorgeous locks always look perfected but in such an understated way. Not only do we pine for her hair, but we’re completely jealous of her lifestyle too. When this cutie isn’t hard at work, she’s frolicking around at the beach or travelling somewhere exotic, in style (that goes without saying).  Lauren often gives a sneaky peak at what she’s wearing so if you love her style, follow her on Instagram and be inspired!

Millie Mackintosh - @camillamackintosh
When this socialite got married to Professor Green last September, we were checking her Instagram like crazy for wedding snaps. Our hearts melted when we found one of her and her Grandpa: a Quality Street heir! Millie loves keeping fit, and you’ve got to give it to her, she has one enviable bikini bod. Follow her on Instagram and you’ll certainly get some gym-spiration!

Cara Delevigne - @caradelevigne
This model came out of nowhere but suddenly she’s all the rage, and we know why! Cara’s not just a fashion model; she’s a fun-loving natural beauty, and enjoys much of the same things that any other 21 year old would. Behind the lights, camera and action of Cara’s day-to-day modelling duties, you’ll find her spending quality time with her little nephew Atticus. The young model is also a quote-lover so you’ll find a sprinkling of deep and meaningful quotes on her Instagram which you can draw from.  She’s also notorious for her beautiful bold brows, causing eyebrow envy everywhere.

Holly Willoughby - @hollywills_
The bubbly mum of two (soon to be three!) is always a spark of interest what with her chic dress sense on This Morning. When Holly isn’t busy presenting or making a “bang tidy” appearance on Keith Lemon’s Celebrity Juice, Holly is busy spending time with her best friend Fearne, and of course her family whom she absolutely adores. Holly’s Instagram gives us a sneak peak at her subtly sexy model shots and…well you’ll have to find out yourself. This Fiorelli fan is certain to fascinate you with her high-flying life. 

Who are your favourite celebrities to follow on Instagram? Did you know that you can find us on Instagram as well as on Twitter. Be sure to check out our summer sale and find a gorgeous piece of arm candy with a fantastic 50% reduction!

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