Sunday, 11 May 2014

Handbag Beauty Essentials

Here at Fiorelli HQ, we're often discussing our beauty favourites and thought we would put them in a blog post for you lovely readers!

At the top of list is Jurlique's Moisturising Hand Sanitiser, the Australian natural beauty range's star handbag product in our eyes! Unlike other Hand Sanitisers, it contains no harmful chemicals and contain organic moisturisers to keep hands both clean and soft!

Our next handbag must-have is Clarins Instant Natural Lip Perfector, which comes in six beautiful soft shades. This gently plumping lip gel adds instant glamour to any look when worn over lip colour or alone. It also smells gorgeous for the ultimate beauty sensation!

Our absolute favourite for hair has to be the Twistband. Back in the day, scrunchies used to be perfect for keeping hair up and out of the way, but soon become a style no-no. For a stylish replacement, the Twistband was created - it doesn't pull on hair or create kinks and it looks just as good on your wrist as on your ponytail!

No handbag is complete without a petite perfume, and our top pick is Stella McCartney's "Stella", which comes in a Limited Edition range of 30ml minis with unique blue, yellow and grey prints. The fragrance combines and contrasts two classic scents, Amber and Rose for an exotic, rich scent. 

We're putting all of tour hand beauty essentials in our Summer Mix range, like our Abbie Bowling Bag. Our Abbie is the perfect size for everyday, with a cross body shoulder strap for multi-styling. 

What are your must-have beauty items for your handbag? Let us know by leaving a comment below or via Twitter @Fiorelli_Bags.

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  1. Whats inside my bag? Hand lotion, wet tissue (cuz Im a mom) and the twistedband cuz me & my son have long hair =)