Friday, 16 May 2014

#FiorelliTravels: New York with our Tillie Satchel

This week, we thought that we'd give you another little glimpse into our #FiorelliTravels! Our International Sales Manager Iva headed to the fabulous New York for business, as she popped over for a flying visit to catch up with some of our international distributors. And her Fiorelli arm candy of choice? Our Small Tillie satchel made the perfect travel companion.

Iva kick started each day with a little jog through Central Park, as she was staying at the conveniently located Hudson hotel. If only we could all start our days this way, and of course, we'd also head to our local coffee shop with our group of friends too!

A big part of Iva's trip involved visiting some of New York's most iconic shops to look for possible fits for new collaborations and general handbag trends! Sounds like such a burden, doesn't it? 

And believe it or not, although Iva's job involves travelling abroad to visit some of the most iconic department stores around, there's no time to hit the rails and shop for yourself. Well, every dream job has to have its downsides. 

Would you love a career that combined handbags and travel? Why not share your dream jobs with us by dropping a comment below or getting in touch with us @Fiorelli_Bags on Twitter? 

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