Thursday, 6 February 2014

Fiorelli HQ Style: Rachel

This week, it’s our lovely International Sales Assistant Rachel Rainsbury’s turn to show you her Fiorelli HQ style!  

Today, Rachel's teamed her black ensemble with our stylish Paris tote in bright mandarin, which she's currently carrying because it fulfils her fashion criteria yet is also very functional. Plus, she admits that most of her outfits are black, so, the bright hue is perfect for infusing a burst of colour into her look! And she often opts for this kind of style as structured totes are her favourite. 

And we thought that you'd love to learn a little bit more about Fiorelli HQ's style, so, we asked Rachel the following questions:

Tell us about your style? 
I don’t actually have a specific style, it really is what I feel most comfortable in on the day! My most preferred style however, is a  polished, feminine look.

Favourite Style Icon?
My ultimate has to be Olivia Palermo because she always looks stylish and impeccably flawless. Victoria Beckham always looks great too but I've only recently started to appreciate her consistent, beautiful style. 

Other Fashion Inspirations?
I subscribe to Harpers Bazaar, which gives me lots of inspiration, and I like to follow Bloggers, especially on Instagram. I really admire Kristina Bazan's style and the fact that she knows how to accessorise anything! 

Favourite Trends?
Currently I'm wearing statement necklaces, skater skirts and a lot of monochrome. I'm looking forward to testing out some new trends when spring properly arrives.

If you like Rachel's style, you can get the look right here! And don't forget, we still want to she your #FiorelliStyle, so, share your stylish photos with us on Instagram or Twitter @Fiorelli_Bags. 

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