Friday, 25 October 2013

#FiorelliExclusive: FabTips' Editor Laura Styles the Perla Bag

See what FabTips' editor, Laura Ward-Ongley's style journey with our #FiorelliExclusive Perla bag looks like in her guest post for Style Notes...
When I'm not editing the UK's number 1 luxury beauty blogzine - I'm consulting... and consulting means commuting from Wiltshire to London with dreadfully early starts.
A first class commute is the only way to commute
My Fiorelli Perla comes with me on the train those mornings, stuffed full of everything bar a laptop - skincare, makeup, three phones (I like to stay connected), hair products, iPad, heels, my notes etc... One of the things I love most about it is its deceptive scale. 
Special mention going out to awesome NYC hair styling brand YAROK... feed your do styling whip and feed your dohair spray are best in class
On my average day I arrive into Waterloo, then stroll across the embankment suspension bridge to get into soho 
I opt for this over tube or taxi as an exhilarating start to the day:  Choppers swoop overhead spiriting captains of industry to their 9am's, the London eye creaks slowly round to my left already full of keen sight-seers and to my right the city majestically begins to pierce the skyline.  When the sun shines on London it's the best city in the world.
This is actually the view from one of my Client's offices... not bad
Once in-situ at my 'office' (soho house) instead of reaching for the green juice I get straight on the eggs benedict - I am entirely addicted and have recently discovered eggs Benedict with bearnaise sauce... just have to factor in an additional hour at the gym each week!
...that said if one is up at an ungodly 6am, the old bod needs effective fuel so I don't feel too guilty. I wolf it down and get to work on my iPad.
 using my bluetooth keyboard (get one- they're amazing!) to turn it into proper working kit.  I cart around waaaay too much other paraphernalia in my Fiorelli Perla  to consider giving up precious space for a laptop!

Chrome bluetooth iPad keyboard £69.99 PC World - I won't travel without it

From there on in it's a steady stream of clients and earl grey - everyone from entrepreneurs who need some marketing advice on their incredible new venture to luxury brands who want a tres chic social media strategy through to national newspapers who want to become more entrepreneurial.  You name it, I've worked with them (and learnt from them - my clients are fabulous and very smart).  My Fiorelli Perla sits next to me looking v professional throughout... well someone has to!
Some bold sartorial styling there with the snow leopard print!
If i've a gap between meetings then i'll FabTip - editing features, keeping eye on our social feeds and briefing the team on our next big venture (FabVision in 2014 - you're going to love it!).
FabVision in the edit - shot on location in Chelsea
The last meeting of the day inevitably runs over meaning  a dash with my Fiorelli Perla to get the 16.50 from Waterloo back to Wiltshire - where this little creature is waiting to give me a warm welcome...
Terry Edward Louis Ward-Ongley.  The most handsome boy I know.
 Makeup off.  Walk Terry.  Hit gym. PJs on.  FabTips editing.  Bed.  Start again.

You can find FabTips here and Find Laura Ward-Ongley’s marketing and social media consultancy here

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