Wednesday, 3 December 2014

How to Be a Secret Santa Queen

Secret Santa has become part and parcel of the festive period with offices, families and close knit friends all joining in the fun. The budget is usually minimal with a focus on light hearted, amusing gifts. But what happens when you don’t know what to buy Julie in HR or your brother’s girlfriend? Be a Secret Santa queen this year by following our tips and recommendations.

Our Tips:

Avoid playing it too safe
The simple answer to every gift conundrum is safe choices such as confectionary and mugs. Resist the urge to buy your Secret Santa food unless it’s something special like artisan chocolate or luxurious coffee. If you choose a mundane gift the recipient is unlikely to get excited about it and this will show a distinct lack of effort on your part.

Use social media to your advantage
The great thing about befriending everyone from your cousin to your co-worker on social platforms is it makes knowing what they like and dislike a lot easier. If Helen from accounts has tweeted about the latest season of Mad Men, consider buying her some memorabilia from the show. Similarly, if your cousin publishes an Instagram snap of her growing nail varnish collection, use it as an opportunity for a beauty haul.

Be careful with risqué gifts
Although it may be tempting to buy your flirty friend a novelty t-shirt detailing her conquests, she might not find it so amusing. The trouble with risqué gifts is that there’s not much use for them beyond the initial giving period. Find a practical gift that also ticks the in-jokes box and everyone will be a winner.

Secret Santa gift ideas for women

In our opinion all good Secret Santa gifts include something chic. From a secret weapon lipstick that will see you through the festive period to sassy art prints that liven up the walls, we’ve put together a virtual wish list of gifts we’d love to receive.

For an extra special gesture, the Fiorelli Layla satchel is a showstopper. Eye-catching and festive, this stylish companion will keep your possessions safe into the New Year and beyond. 

What’s the best Secret Santa gift you’ve ever received? Let us know by tweeting us @Fiorelli_Bags or leaving us a comment below.

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