Tuesday, 12 March 2013

How to wear Yellow

When putting an outfit together yellow is a colour of radiance and joy, however, depending on your skin tone and hair colour, yellow can be a very difficult colour to wear.

For someone like Beyonce, yellow can be worn from head to toe in any shade. Fair skin and firey red haired girls are lucky that yellow works for them, but stay away from mustard shades. While sun kissed blondes (think Reece Witherspoon, Golden Globes 2007) can pull off bright yellows.

If you find yellow a tricky colour to wear as an outfit, then wear it in your accessories! Yellow accents can instantly brighten and add a pop of colour. Blogger Annie Bean, from www.talesofanniebean.com mixes a monochrome inspired outfit with a colour pop of yellow in the addition of Fiorelli’s ‘BeHappy’ grab in sunshine yellow.

Having a bright accessory means that you can show personality and experiment with colour without having the fear of being overwhelmed by a bright block colour. Fiorelli has a number of yellow handbags, purses, clutch bags, satchels, tablet cases and mobile phone covers.

'Be Happy' grab is SS13  'New Age' polka dot with lazer cut out and tinted plastic.

'Belsize Park' grab has a detachable shoulder strap and hole punched texture.

Love changes is a large woven slouchy hobo, perfect for a summertime day or holiday bag.

Abbey road shoulder & Abbey Road satchel. Yellow mixed with taupe is a way to introduce a bright yellow into an outfit.

Kensington phone case, Marble arch tablet case & Princeton tablet case – Style up your gadgets with this collection of sunshine yellow cases and covers.

It’s not only your handbags that can brighten up an outfit; jewellery can play a big part in making an outfit stand out. Fiorelli’s ‘Karen’ necklace and bracelet set in citrus yellow and limes will make even the simplest t-shirt look stunning.

Find all your acessory needs at www.fiorelli.com 

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  1. Ooh, all of these bags are so gorgeous ! ^^ Yellow is one of my favourite colours, so definitely liking these. And jewelry is awesome too, didn't know you sell them as well!

    Indie by heart