Friday, 25 January 2013

Fiorelli bag found INTACT after 7 years!

Well, talk about a durable handbag that can survive 7 years in the undergrowth, battling freezing winters, the beating heat of British heatwave summers and all the animal critters!

Only a Fiorelli bag could stand that test of time, beat all of these conditions and stay fully intact!!

Parveen Ashraf, a private chef and owner of from Peterborough thought she would never see her beloved Fiorelli bag, after it was stolen 7 years ago. Mrs Ashraf, had £250 inside a cheque book in the inside zip pocket, her family photographs and all of her credit cards. She thought she had lost everything and was devastated as the money was for a special occassion.

Until the workman from Enterprize Peterborough, delved deep into the bushes and found Mrs Ashraf's long lost Fiorelli bag! The thief had not looked in the zip pocket and did not take any of the other possessions from the handbag, instead they threw the bag into the bushes just around the corner from Mrs Ashraf's home in Werrington, Peterborough.
Mrs Ashraf said: 'I guess the thief must have grabbed the £20 note that was in my purse, then flung the bag into the bush and cycled off.'

Mrs Ashraf was shocked and delighted when the company contacted her to let her know they had found her Fiorelli handbag after so many years. 
'I just can't believe I have it back. I felt quite nostalgic and tearful going through the items inside.'

At Fiorelli we are all delighted that Mrs Ashraf has had her Fiorelli bag reunited with her and amazed at this story! We think Mrs Ashraf deserves an updated version of her beloved bag, so we have decided to send Mrs Ashraf the 'Hope' bag in black and white mix.

If you would like to view the new 'Hope' collection, click on the below link:

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