Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Fiorelli's Autumn 2012 Collection

Fiorelli's autumn 2012 collection embraces the beauty of nature's palette as a foundation to the rejuvenation of skins and textures. The earthy hues and rich mid tones are injected with colour pops of citrus, tangerine and aquamarine. Snake skin prints combine a natural textural element and can been seen throughout the collection. Glowing sheens and metallic finishes complete the hedonistic inspiration for autumn's collection.

Fiorelli’s marque has been confidently and creatively used within branding and stunning new linings. The inspiration for the marque comes from Fiorelli itself which means “little flower” in Italian. The marque has been used to decorate all styles within the collection, including embossing, hardware decoration.

'Capulet' captures the rich saturation of colour and shows how powerful colour can be in reinvention. Citrus orange sits orderly next to opulent berry. Snake skin texture combined with a metallic shine optimises style to create a statement piece. Quilting adds depth to simple shapes including oversized pillow clutch, boxy shopper. A reinvention of the Lady bag completes the collection. Simplistic layering creates a bow detail to frame the branded logo.

Natural snake skin is centrally panelled and set against earthy tans and matte black within the 'Lilian' range to construct simplistic, yet visually pleasing aesthetics. The shopper tote is a key shape for AW12 and textured paneling adds depth to the simplistic shape.

‘Sebastian’ demands attention with studded edging in the bowler grab style. These studs are branded with Fiorelli’s “little flower” motif. Both the large and medium sizes hold their poise and speak for themselves in a zesty overload of intense orange. Faux suede draws on the textural element in earthy hues of olive and chocolate.

'Lorenzo' and 'Othello' ranges use simplistic structure within their designs for clean shopper totes and the versatile grab style satchel. These shapes are embodied with colour pops of mouthwatering hues in pistachio, tangerine and vanilla. Deep auburn, racing green and navy complete the range by adding depth and prosperity.

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