Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Behind the scenes of the first ever Fiorelli London photo shoot!

As our new sub-brand, Fiorelli London, has now launched exclusively online we thought we would treat you to a sneak peak of the behind the scenes footage from the first ever Fiorelli London photo shoot!

Back in September, we packed up the new London collection (which had been finalized just in time!) and made our way across to edgy East London to the traditional London café we had rented for the day. Full of classic London charm, this was the perfect location for the first ever Fiorelli London shoot, thanks to its classic London associations and fashionable location.
Our lovely model gets into the Fiorelli London spirit!
We shut down the whole café, which not only meant we could get our lovely model climbing all over the tables, but we also had the staff on hand to provide us with delicious drinks and snacks all day! 
Climbing all over the tables, thank god we had the place to ourselves!

As we got to grips with the wild and wacky styling, we realized just how fun this new Fiorelli London collection is. It’s the kind of styling where anything goes, the wilder the better!
Clashing colours, textures and prints - it's what Fiorelli London is all about!

Take a look through the pictures, and let us know your favourite Fiorelli London bag! We are so excited about this new collection, we think our wonderful photographer Theo Cohen did an amazing job capturing the charm and essence of Fiorelli London!

Our favourite shot of the whole day... Theo's assistant, Adam, shows off his best model pose. Isn't he a natural?!

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