Thursday, 28 July 2011

Leading by Example! The Fiorelli web team party with Example at the iTunes Festival

Camden's famous Roundhouse was our venue for the night!
Last night the Fiorelli web team were lucky enough to get tickets to go and see Example at the iTunes Festival at the Roundhouse in Camden. We left Fiorelli HQ and hopped on the tube across town to Camden, where we set about looking for a bite to eat before the concert kicked off. We came across some amazing food stalls by the canal, with an incredible seating area made out of old mopeds! After dining on some delicious food from all around the world, we still had some time to spare so we wondered to a little pub to grab a quick drink, where we came across an amazing open mic night. We heard some amazing versions of classic songs from the likes of Amy Winehouse and Shakira and had to tear ourselves away to head to the Roundhouse!

The whole crowd permanently had their arms in the air!
As we got there (a little later than planned…) we found a long queue for the guest list tickets – it turns out we had missed our window to enter the concert on the guest list! Never ones to give up, we persevered with the queue, and despite being told by the giant bouncers that we probably wouldn’t get in, we were eventually granted entry! Our timing was pretty much perfect; Example had just got on stage and the crowd was buzzing! His stage presence was incredible, and he got the entire Roundhouse up on their feet within the first few minutes. After performing a string of tracks from his album, and a few exclusive new tracks, he got onto his chart topping hits and the atmosphere exploded! Everyone was dancing and singing along, and there was even a mosh pit! Example obviously loved our reaction to his music, and actively encouraged the mosh pits in front of him.

Chaka and Georgie get in a party mood!

It was an incredible set; the songs sounded amazing live and it cemented Example as our go to artist for a failsafe party song!

Have you been to any concerts at the iTunes festival? We’d love to hear your stories!

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